The Swans can't talk, Voice your Opinion
Help give the Mute Swan the Right too LIVE!!!!

THANK YOU for YOUR Support... 

Dear Fellow Citizens,
We’re making progress on the Mute Swan Issue!!
We have been invited to present our case for the Mute Swans at the Conservation Congress meeting on December 11, 2009 at 7:00p.m.  
The Ramada Inn, 1501 North Point Drive (Business 51) Stevens Point.   

All citizens are welcome to attend this meeting.  If you would like to express your opinion on this issue, you can e-mail Richard Koerner at , or you can write a letter 
prior to the meeting to The Wisconsin Conservation Congress Migratory Committee 101 S. Webster Street P.O. Box 7921, Madison Wisconsin 53707 
Our resolution # is 300109. 
We made it thru the Rules and Resolution Committee and now it has been forwarded by that committee to the Migratory Study Committee. 
The committee can decide to reject this resolution or they can decide whether it will go on the Conservation Congress Annual County Meeting ballot in April 2010.  
This mean all 72 counties will be voting on the same night.  Your support help get us this far, but we still need your support thru next April.  

So please write or e-mail your support and encourage your neighbors, friend and any relatives living in Wisconsin to do the same.
Thank-you once again,

Kim Roper and Julie Braakman
 If you need more information I suggest you go to our website  and go to the NEWS/UPDATE section there is so much you need to know before you can make an informed decidion.